At Valley, we believe no one can stand alone in their journey through life. It is essential that you have people in your life that care for you and keep you accountable, people that you can serve our community with, and people that help you grow closer to Jesus. All of this happens through Groups. 

Groups are focused on Bible Study, fellowship and equipping people to live as effective Christ-followers today. Groups are formed according to similar life stage, age,  gender, or goals, and meet weekly or biweekly or at special times throughout the year.  


Campus Groups are offered at the church. We have a couple of adult groups that meet on Sunday mornings prior to our worship services. Other groups are offered periodically, at the church, as a topical or Bible studies or special courses and/or training.

Home Groups meet in homes off-campus. They’re convenient option for gathering with people near your home. Many Groups meet Sunday Evenings, or at other days and times during the week.

To sign up for a group or get additional help in finding one please  CLICK HERE